INTRODUCING….The Fore The Journey Fund       


The journey through Batten disease can be challenging and families cherish moments that bring happiness to their children. A visit to a zoo, sports lessons, or a swim in a community pool can provide much-needed smiles.

The Fore The Journey Fund is a joint collaboration with the BDSRA and the ForeBatten Foundation.  This unique grant offers Batten families experiences, memberships, and gifts in the hopes of providing happy moments.   Your request can be as individual as you!  We are happy to consider any request that will bring smiles to your family.

For your inspiration we have listed some ideas:

  • Season Passes to the Zoo, Aquarium, etc.
  • YMCA, sports or gym membership
  • Family Portrait session
  • Adaptive Technology for your child
  • Spa Day for Mom/Dad
  • Airline Tickets for a friend or relative visit


Let us know how we can MAKE YOU SMILE by filling out this short form.        

Download the application by clicking here.

Morgan DeBoth at is happy to answer questions.  We look forward to hearing your ideas and how we can help bring a smile to your family’s face!