BDSRA Membership

Your Membership Matters.

We invite you to celebrate 30 years with us by re-committing your membership. Loyal members have been our foundation and an inspiration to become the internationally respected organization that we are today. Take pride in being a member of the largest and ONLY organization to serve families impacted by ALL forms of Batten disease in North America.

Our members have done so much to further our shared mission of ending Batten disease.

  • We harnessed the power of the global science community to understand the foundations of Batten.
  • This new understanding has made it possible for more research on the road to treatments.
  • Because of your commitment to BDSRA, we have trials leading to treatments of Batten and more will follow.

As research moves forward, we are, as always, shepherding hundreds of families through diagnosis and life challenges and advocating for those policy changes that mean the most.

We see a future with treatments for all. Become a member by signing up for our newsletter today! 

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