Michelle Churchill, Interim Executive Director

Direct: (614) 973-6011
(800) 448-4570 ext. 11

Morgan DeBoth, Manager of Family Support

As Manager of Family Support Morgan is dedicated to assuring that all families can access resources, expert clinicians, and other families in the most timely and friendly way possible. Call or email Morgan with questions about:

  • Equipment exchange
  • Family conference/stipends
  • Clinician referral
  • School IEP and teacher consultations
  • Consultation on family fundraisers for BDSRA
  • Providing support to families in clinical trials
  • Bereavement Support

Direct: (614) 973-6013
(800) 448-4570 ext. 13

Colin Montieth, Development Coordinator

As Development Coordinator Colin will work closely with our Executive Director to support the execution of the BDSRA’s comprehensive, mission-driven advancement program.  Additionally, Colin will be involved with stewardship activities related to non-profit fundraising and relationship management, including working with a team to create and implement the fundraising, development and communications strategy for BDSRA, as well as donor and grant research and tracking.

Direct: (614) 973-6012
(800) 448-4570 ext. 12

Noreen Murphy, MA, Senior Director of Education and Advocacy

As Director of Education and Advocacy Noreen develops multi-platform resources utilizing our network of topic area experts. These resources include:

  • Facebook chats
  • New Family Packets
  • Web site updates
  • Online survey development
  • Education at the family conference
  • Teacher Resources

If you need resources for yourselves, family, teachers or clinicians, please reach out to Noreen.

Noreen is also developing advocacy resources for those families who wish to meet with their local, state, or federal representatives. In addition to the educational and advocacy role, she will continue to manage the yearly scientific merit review process that helps determine funding for global research grants.

Direct: (614) 768-1159
(800) 448-4570 ext. 14

Board of Directors

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Barbara Wuebbels, RN, MS

Vice President

Brock Benroth

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SIBS Representative

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