The hotel reservation link is now closed.  If you have not made your room reservations, please contact the hotel Reservation Coordinator, Charlotte Tourkakis  or 314.890.3151. Please note that room reservations are based on availability.

Please contact Sara Aldrich at 518.930.2673 or for conference registration.

To see the tentative conference agenda click here

For families seeking financial support to attend conference, one source for potential support is contacting the local Developmental Disability Council. There are Developmental Disability (DD) Planning Councils that serve each state and territory in the U.S. and under the umbrella of “Family Support Services” financial help may be available. To see if family support funds might be available in local regions through the DD council, visit

If you need any assistance locating your county office or need additional information about this year’s conference, please do not hesitate to contact Becky Hetteberg, BDSRA Director of Family Support and Education at 1-800-448-4570 ext. 12 or

Like the 2016 BDSRA Conference page ( ) for ongoing updates!

Check out the St. Louis Visitor’s Bureau website to explore all St. Louis has to offer

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or 614-768-1159.